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What exactly is a property structural inspection, and why is it important?

You should unquestionably have your home’s structure inspected by a licensed foundation inspector. The very safety of the residents of a house that has structural issues is seriously threatened. Structural problems can occur very much anyplace in your house, from cracked walls to sloppy floors to sagging roofing. Additionally, poor construction might leave your building open to pests, mould, water damage, structural collapse, and mould growth. Structural inspection by experts is thus recommended for every household to maintain their house safely and to reduce risks.

Structural inspection v/s Home inspection

Even though they are similar, these two kinds of inspections have different focuses, involve different professionals, and have different objectives.

A structural foundation inspection evaluates the safety of your home’s structure, whereas a home foundation inspection evaluates the state of your home. This is the fundamental distinction between the two types of inspections. Some structural engineers are also home inspectors, but not all home inspectors are structural engineers. Structural engineers undertake structural analyses on both newly constructed and pre-existing residential and commercial buildings. Rarely do structural engineers visit a home site unless there is an obvious flaw that requires a professional examination to be fixed.

A structural engineer will be recommended to you during a home inspection if they notice a foundational crack, plasterboard cracks, sloping floors or any other potentially dangerous structural problems. Contrarily, structural engineers will examine the building and foundation but won’t be able to diagnose problems with your HVAC or plumbing, for instance.

When do I need a structural Home Inspection?

If you intend to do any home modifications that might require changing the structure of your house, you will almost surely benefit from a structural inspection.

A structural assessment should probably be performed before anything, including re-roofing, chimney removal, and interior wall demolition. A builder or architect will typically notify you in advance if your project requires an examination and if a structural inspection is frequently necessary to comply with building standards.

The structural inspection will help you to:

  • Understand your property better

Structural inspections are beneficial for both buyers and sellers. As sellers, structural inspection will help you get your property repaired and inspected and help you get a better price for your property and as a buyer, inspection will help you understand the condition of your home before buying it.

  • To spot everything

A good home inspector is certified and licensed and has all the necessary skills required to access your property and help you. These professional people help you to understand your property better. Your house is one of the most important purchases of your life and it should be inspected by a professional.

  • Budget for future repairs

A professional inspector will help you to estimate the repair cost in the future and help you take proper care of it. It can even help you to make a mindful decision while buying a house.

What if I can't afford major structural defects?

Not all homeowners have the money available up front to make the repairs and turn their house into a sellable one. If you can not afford the structural defects cost you have the right to step back from the inspection at any time. If you are unable to afford the expenses, we can even suggest some of the measures to increase the life of the property.

How much does a good engineering inspection cost?

The house foundation inspection cost depends on the size of the project and the type of servicing. The structural inspectors go through the structural surroundings and provide you with the potential costs and plans.

We use the following details while calculating the price of the inspection

  • Costs and reports for inspection
  • The engineer’s cost per hour
  • Per square foot cost

How can I prepare for a structural Home inspection?

Here are some of the tips which will help you prepare your house for structural inspection.

  • Making sure that the house is easily accessible for the inspector is a good way for homeowners to get ready for a structural inspection. Getting rid of any dirt or debris that may hide the foundation is necessary.
  • Additionally, it entails trimming back vegetation around the house, cleaning the gutters, fixing aesthetic problems, and removing dirt and brush from the roof.


Make it as simple as you can for the engineer to navigate your house. You’ll also show that the house has been well-maintained in the process.

What can I expect after the structural inspection?

Every inspection is different depending upon the area and the home but these are the few things Structural inspections will focus on:

  • Foundation

One of a home’s most crucial structural components is its foundation, but the inexperienced eye is likely to pass right over it.

  • Walls

While it is normal to anticipate a few small cracks here and there in your walls, occasionally these cracks may point to a greater issue. Large cracks around your home’s entryways, such as doors and windows, maybe a sign of a structural problem.

  • Roofing

Engineers with structural expertise would examine the roof to verify the construction is sturdy. For the safety of persons who live in the house, the roof structure must be impervious to failure in regions with frequent severe winds and snowfall.

  • Joists, studs, and beams

Although essential to a home’s structural integrity, these components frequently succumb to decay and termite infestations. A structural engineer could offer assistance because these problems frequently go overlooked until it is too late.

They would examine a house’s exposed features for any signs of bulging or warping that would point to termites or decay.


Finding the ideal expert who would meet your schedule, set in your budget, and design requirements is equally significant after learning how crucial it is to undertake a structural engineer home assessment.

You must also make sure that the engineer you employ is trustworthy, professional and has the necessary training and authorization to inspect your house. We as structural engineers ensure the proper inspections of your houses at affordable rates and provide your complete satisfaction. We provide structural engineers who are highly experienced and licensed.

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