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Ray is licensed in Virginia and Maryland. We have DPOR licended as a Class A contractor, professional engineer and Engineering business entity.

Structural Inspection Services

A group of skilled engineers who are knowledgeable about building regulations, technical requirements, and construction standards conduct site inspections and site assessments for us. They are highly experienced in carrying out the inspection process from the foundations up to completion while identifying and diagnosing flaws in design, construction methods, and materials.

What is Structural Inspection?

The term “structural inspection” refers to a visual examination of the property’s readily accessible sections in order to spot any significant structural flaws and make an opinion about the property’s overall condition. A structural engineer inspection includes visually assessing a home as part of this inspection. Structural engineers solve structural concerns for your extensions and renovations.

Why hire Structural Engineers for your structural inspection?

Structural engineers are skilled at thoroughly checking every facet, from sagging roofs to fractured foundations, and tilted floors to insect and water damage. We consistently offer a fair assessment of the structural performance. Your structural engineer generates an assessment report based on the findings of the inspection, indicating any changes that are required and the structural engineer inspection cost is based on that study which in turn also provides suggestions for the work that needs to be done.
The following is typically included in our structural inspection reports:

What are the benefits of Structural Engineers for your Structural Inspections?


You can utilise problem-solving techniques to pinpoint infrastructure improvement opportunities and engineering procedures to come up with innovative answers. When working on a project, structural engineers frequently run into challenging technical issues, such as when the weather makes it impossible to construct an outside structure or when a blueprint contains errors in the calculations. To tackle these problems and guarantee that your team can finish the project before the deadline, use your problem-solving abilities.

Using our structural analysis abilities, we can spot potential problems in already-built infrastructure or analyse the plans for a project to build new infrastructure to see if there are any problems. You can use these abilities to evaluate quality, safety, and dependability. We are skilled in finding components that might lead to a hazardous workplace and requires careful analysis of a project.
Building inspectors that possess this competence can carry out their tasks more efficiently. This ability entails paying attention to minute details and making sure they are accurate. For instance, a meticulous building inspector might see flaws in the concrete while examining the foundation of a building and take appropriate measures.
Structure codes are rules that specify how a building should be constructed. Building inspectors utilise their understanding of building codes to make sure that buildings and other structures are safe. In order to ensure the proposed design complies with all code standards, they also employ this ability while examining construction plans for new structures. 

When is the time to go for structural inspection services?

To make sure that the foundation of your home is sound, there are a number of circumstances in which you might wish to have a structural inspection done:
Purchasing a Home
To gain a thorough picture of the state of the home, you should definitely arrange for a general home inspection. If the inspector finds a problem with any of the load-bearing parts, they will advise a structural inspector to conduct additional research. Foundation cracks (horizontal, vertical, and step cracks), temporary columns in the basement, water intrusion, sloping floors, bending walls, and settlement issues are some other frequent issues that call for the services of a structural engineer.
Ceiling or other structural issues
Small cracks are often not a problem when it comes to foundations. Other issues include bowing walls, foundation, upheaval, and sinking. However, you should have a structural examination done to assess the situation if you notice horizontal, vertical, or step cracks that are 14″ or larger in size, bowing foundation walls, or movement of any type.
Storm Damage
If you think you may have storm damage, you can think about having a structural engineer examine the situation. Your home or building’s structural integrity will be evaluated based on a report from us as we indicate the presence of storm damage.
Issues with heat loss that result in ice dams
Heat loss can lead to a number of problems in the home, including ice dams and excessive energy costs. A structural inspection can assist to pinpoint the source of the heat loss and provide the most effective long-term solution.
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You can find concerning problems in your property and you need to take care of them before they worsen with the aid of structural engineer inspections. Allowing these issues to worsen can put you and your family in grave danger and is frequently quite expensive to fix. You can save money and guarantee that your family and you live in a secure, well-built home with the help of these inspections. A structural home inspection can assist you in making decisions about your home, whether you are buying a new one or need to make repairs to your existing one. Your home’s structural issues, which we identify and outline in a thorough report, may be either potential or actual. The most significant thing is that we offer an unbiased assessment of your house’s condition.
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