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Your roof is one of the important things that provide you with protection against snow, heat, wind, etc. It is also one of the most significant lines of defence for our home. This is the reason we need to have proper professional roof inspections after storms. Proper inspections of roofs after storms are necessary to keep your family safe and have peace of mind.

How can a storm damage your roof?

Storms are something that comes with heavy rainfall, fast winds and hail. All of this can cause heavy damage to the roof. Let us know how it damages the roof

  • Hail

Storms often bring hail. Hail can come down in unthinkable sizes. If a roof has faced a strong hailstorm then going with a professional roofing inspection is a must. The force with which hail comes down can cause severe damage to your roofs and the most common damage caused by hailstorms can be metal flashing on the roof. Hailstorms can cause your roof membrane to weaken and can lead to large water leaks.

  • Heavy rain

Heavy rains can saturate roofs and can lead to bigger leaks. Heavy rain can lead to holes or cracks on the surface of the roof and cause damage. Professionals can help you to resolve problems with ease.

  • Strong winds

In addition to hail and heavy rains, strong and heavy winds also have a common occurrence during storms. Strong winds can cause shingles on the surface of the roof and can even lead to moving off or losing other materials. Winds can even lead to severe leaks which can be resolved by professionals.

The most common types of Storm roof damage

Before getting into roof inspection it is necessary to understand the types of damages a storm can cause to a roof. While there can be a variety of problems or damages because of storms in your roof, these are the most common and evident problems faced by a large number of homeowners.

  • Water leakages
  • Gutter problems
  • Missing shingles
  • Damage from fallen branches and many more

Storms can severely damage the roofs and damaged roofs can pose a great threat to the security of your family. Sometimes the damages caused by the storms are not evident, but those hidden issues can later become a greater part to deal with. Thus a storm-damaged roof inspection after every stormy season is something which can’t be ignored.

Benefits of Storm damaged roof inspection

If you will find professional roof inspectors near me, and you will go with the best ones, you will receive numerous benefits. Some of them are stated as under:

  1. You can easily analyse your roof stability after an inspection

The roof inspector will start the inspection process by analysing the stability of the roof. The inspector will give you a detailed review of your roof, whether the roof has shifted or buckled because of the storm. The analysing of the roof is important during the storm to check out the integrity of the roof. A damaged roof or a roof covered with tree branches can have dangerous outcomes.

  1. A proper check on the leaks

Roof leaking is like a nightmare for every homeowner. Roof leaking becomes very common after storms. The leaking of the roofs can cause substantial damage to the house and if not treated properly and on proper time can invite various new problems. Thus a professional inspection after storms to particularly check the roof condition is very important. Regular checks on leaks by professionals can help to reduce the overall costs of the inspections and can ensure the overall stability of the house.

  1. A roof inspection after the storm can help you to spot smaller issues

Often smaller issues are left unseen by unprofessional eyes and thus a proper roof inspection is necessary to spot smaller issues which can later cause costly problems. Professional roof inspectors will spot barely noticeable issues and provide solutions for them at an early stage so that the problem does not continue further.

  1. A proper roof inspection will provide a complete check on the shingles

Shingles can leave roofs vulnerable to leaks. A proper roof inspection will properly recognise and treat the shingles to prevent any further costly loss. Roof inspectors have great experience in handling those shingles and provide you with complete assurance and safety.

  1. Access for insulation

Another important thing for which we should consider roof inspection is access to insulation. Roof inspectors ensure access to insulation through roofs. Storms can cause leaks and damage to the roof but at the same time can stop the insulation process which can pose a severe threat to the health of your family.

  1. Professional roof inspectors will help you handle insurance claims

If your roof has got damaged through a storm, professional inspectors will help you to understand how to properly fill the insurance claim. The professionals will help you to fill the claim in a way which gives the insurance company a clear idea about all the damages and the repairs which are to be made.


Thus by understanding the damages and having a clear knowledge of the benefits of roof inspection, we can conclude that roof inspections by professionals are necessary after storms. Structural Engineers is a roof inspection company that provides the best roof inspection services which can help you with all of your roof damages from small to big. The roof inspection cost depends and varies on the type of damage caused by the storm to your roof. Our roof inspectors are well trained and experienced to recognise and treat the damages of the home to ensure the complete safety of your family. The inspectors will check all the stability issues, and missing shingles and even properly check the leaks and provide you with complete satisfaction.

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